If you live here in Charleston, South Carolina, then I am sure you have heard, in some capacity, about the wonderful Cru establishment. Whether it be through their restaurant or catering company, most have come in contact with their amazing mac n’ cheese or their welcoming staff. Today, I would like to introduce you all to one of Cru Catering’s fabulous catering directors, Reilly Mariotti. I have had the pleasure of working with her on numerous events and am always so impressed by her attention to detail and friendly demeanor. I can’t wait for you all to learn more about her and her CRAZY wedding experiences below. Enjoy!

Fair warning, if you are hungry now, stop reading this post, get a snack and come back because these pictures are torturous on an empty stomach!


Funny enough, the great city of Nashville was my second choice to Charleston to move to after my adventures in California. I loved the culture, vibe, and (hello!) shopping. I went to Nashville for a girls trip over the Memorial Day Weekend and found my new favorite shop, Draper James. If you love all things southern, girly, and fun like me, then I know your next destination. Not only was the exterior of this shop adorable painted with bright blue and white stripes but the interior was just perfect as well. I was lucky enough to have one of my friends, aspiring event photographer and videographer, Rachel Heacox of Rachel Heacox Films, with me to capture some of the goodness that is Draper James. If you have not already, you MUST head over to my Instagram (@thepetalreport) to see the adorable video Rachel made for me of my trip to this shop.

Until then, I would like to leave this post with a little Reese Witherspoon inspiration:
A.S.A.P.- As Southern As Possible

Happy Planning!


When I was first introduced to The Silver Starfish, I was in awe of it’s quaint and inviting atmosphere. This little King Street shop, created and owned by the lovely Kristen Guaglianone, is hidden down in an alley in a classic Charleston building. With their walls filled with pretty paper and creative gifts, this shop is a wedding planner’s dream. I feel so fortunate that I get to work in this gorgeous space every week and get to learn from such an amazing lady. But now, I will let Kristen share with you a bit about her experience and growing little company. Please welcome, Kristen of The Silver Starfish!

When I follow up with past brides and grooms and ask what they wish they would have done differently for their wedding day, 9 times out of 10, they say they wish they would have hired a videographer. The day happens so quickly, all of the planning and time spent in the creation of your wedding, flies by and having a video of what really happened is forever. Drew Pond of Dock House Digital does just that. He captures the emotions and energy of weddings and puts them into a ten minute video for you to enjoy for years to come. Find out how and why he got started in this industry in today’s Wedding Wednesday Spotlight!